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Just press the START button to begin your VFX Journey!

Learning art is normally done in two ways. Go to a school, or teach yourself at home. It’s very easy to find persuasive case studies for both learning paths so which should you choose?

In terms of VFX traditionally these two ways apply to this field of art as well. Which path suits the most is up to the person’svisions and opinions about his future and dreams. Some people are great at learning skills themselves and don’t need help with the heavy lifting part. On the other hand, some people need to be surrounded by others and need strict schedules and tasks. It is up to the person and how that person likes to work. And there are some no matter how much knowledge they have from self-taught skills and externally learned skills they tempt to find more and more sources and ways to diversify their talent. Amidst all sorts of people with the passion to work in the VFX industry what a VFX enthusiast really should do is START!

There are plenty of jobs available to people in the visual effects industry. For those of you interested in the more creative and technical roles there are some important skills you should focus on early in your training. (Refer to the previous article to know more about VFX job roles)

These skills are not related to software and technology. Those will come later when you start digging into your training. However, a solid foundation in the following skills will help you for years to come in your VFX journey:

1. Composition and light

Like every other path which associates ‘cameras’ lighting and composition become major components that make any work of art a masterpiece or a flop! Learning about these aspects and how to blend and twist these two is important to go ahead as a successful VFX artist in the field.

2. Visual Aesthetics

Aesthetics are always a matter of concern to any artist. When it comes to VFX artists visual aesthetics play a major role. Knowing your precise aesthetic will take you a long way in the VFX world!

3. Drawing

In short, VFX creators are artists. Not just artists, they are digital artists who can create a digital work of art using their fingertips and keen eyes!

4. Sculpture & Anatomy